Nasi Nauczyciele języka angielskiego

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na indywidualne podejście.
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i w urozmaicony sposób.
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Hi, I'm Paul

I was born in Blackpool in 1969, which is a rather large holiday
and recreational town on the North-West coast of England.

I left Nottingham University with a philosophy degree in 1993. At this point in my life I had a very difficult choice to make; get a job or go surfing. I went surfing. I travelled extensively through Asia and Australia following the waves and taking on short term jobs to fund my travelling. While doing this I had my first experiences teaching English. These ranged from teaching Indonesian kids football basics on the beach, Business English in Kuala Lumpar and helping immigrants fill out official papers in Perth.

At some point the fun had to stop. So it was off to Germany where apart from learning my second foreign language (Bahasa Indonesian being my first, unfortunately much forgotten due to lack of use) I became a rather accomplished cook. After four years of cooking The Business English Classroom called once again. I mean, let's be honest here, exchanging pleasentries in air conditioned offices has to be better than slaving away in an eighty degree kitchen. It was during this time I met my wife. We are both nature enthusiasts and love to spend our free time together walking our two dogs in the countryside. So when our baby daughter, Heather, arrived it wasn't difficult to make the decision to come to Poland with it's friendly people and wide open spaces, where I hope to pass on my love of nature to my children.

Apart from teaching English in my school I enjoy Taekwondo, jogging, bike-riding and of course walking my two dogs. If asked what life has taught me I would say „happiness comes from inside not from outside”.

I hope to meet you all soon in the classroom where I would like to share far more than just grammar exersises.



Hi, I'm Gary




I was born in 1960 in Swansea,
a Welsh city situated on the
beautiful Gower coastline.

After leaving school, I was all set to study Economics and Mathematics at University when an opportunity arose at a large Insurance Company that was too good to miss. Hence I began my career in Finance, a career that many people may feel would be rather boring. Maybe it was sometimes, but it gave me the opportunity to spend time on a regular basis, with the people that really mattered, the customers. It also helped me develop the strong business principles that I still hold dear today.

Over the years, I studied for Professional Qualifications and I am an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute and hold the Medical Underwriting Diploma from the Assurance Medical Society. I was an authorised company spokesperson for any media queries, which often included some very controversial subjects. Never a dull moment there! I have in-depth experience of preparing and delivering formal business presentations to people at all knowledge levels and in all areas of the business. I have also developed and implemented many training programmes throughout my career. My final role before moving to Poland was as Sales and Marketing Director, in a company working closely with the majority of UK based Insurers.
For the last year, I have enjoyed working at a language school in Bolesławiec.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to rock and blues music. I also play the drums and harmonica and get together with some friends to jam whenever we can. I also enjoy horse riding, clay pigeon shooting, skiing and watching football (the mighty Swansea City). Oh and I like to avoid gardening whenever possible!

I am really looking forward to meeting you all, and to helping you improve your English.

Best wishes,


Hi, I'm Alex




I was born in Kiwerce, a small town in West Ukraine, close to the border with Poland.

My adventure with English began a long time ago back in the 80s when I began  translating the lyrics of numerous rock bands and watching interviews with musicians. I graduated from Volyn State University, which is now The East European National University, in 1996 and obtained a Master of Arts degree in English and Russian. After having spent about 10 years teaching English, and playing the guitar in a rock band in Eastern Poland, I moved to Kiev and enjoyed teaching English with workmates from the USA, Canada and the UK. I can speak English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and understand Czech, Slovakian and German. Being a person of Polish descent (from my father’s side) I have finally decided to settle down in Poland with my wife and three children.

Being a proud father of three kids, I never get bored at home and most of my free time is dedicated to my family. I also enjoy reading books from the likes of Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Thomas Harris, Charles Dickens etc, as well as playing or listening to my favourite music from Steve Ray Vaughan and ZZ Top to Manowar and Exodus.

I hope to meet you soon in the classroom to have fun learning.

See you then,